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Hurtful things you should never say to a C-section mom

What hurtful things do people say to CS moms?

C-section scar (HuffPost)

There are times where it’s only best to keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself. Especially if your utterances are going to hurt someone else, just preserve them. When a woman becomes a mom, she is going through a lot already. She is physically, mentally and emotionally drained by all the changes and the new routines. So, in as much as you would want to try to make a point, there are things you should never ever say to a new mom.

And when it comes to CS moms, they might even be more sensitive to certain things that might seem harmless. So, what are these things to avoid saying to c-section moms? Check out some of them below:

1. At least you didn’t have to go through labour


For crying out loud, don’t just make this assumption! For some women, they usually go through prolonged labour before the doctors decide to go for the CS. It’s usually the last option to save the baby for some of them.

2. At least your vagina is still intact

Yes, it’s intact. But this is the last thing she is thinking about. She has a wound on her abdomen and it probably hurts so bad that she can’t even think of her vagina.

3. Why didn’t you exercise enough to have a natural birth?


Seriously, this is such a mean utterance. First, you are making it seem like it’s all her fault that she had to go through a CS which might not be the case. You’d be surprised that she ate spiced foods and did all the things believed to facilitate vaginal birth but they just didn’t work for her.

4. You had it easy

Says who? Please go and do some more research about caesarean section.


5. You chose the easy way out

Well, some women choose to undergo a C-section while others don’t have a choice. Whichever the case, how she prefers to give birth is her own business and you shouldn’t be making her feel bad about her decision.

6. I wouldn’t want to have a CS, I prefer natural birth

Most women never wanted to have a c-section but it happened anyway. So, whatever you prefer, keep it to yourself.


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