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Never say these things to a naked woman

Wanaume wana mambo

Topless woman(Doctors Magazine Nigeria)

When a woman strips right in your presence, you should say nothing but appreciate. It’s not everyone who will do that.

It means she has accepted her body and expects you not to judge her but appreciate it as it is. So guys, even if there are some aspects you don’t like about her nudity, will you please keep them to yourself? Because she already knows that she is imperfect and you don’t have to rub in her imperfections.

So here we go, never say these things to any naked woman:

1. Is that a clit?


Well, it’s definitely not a dick even though it looks like one. Or does it make you insecure?

2. I love your potbelly

You really don’t have to love it or pretend to love it. It’s mine and all that matters is that am okay with it. Really.

3. Need a quick shower?


Are you trying to insinuate that I smell or what?

4. You never shave?

Yes, because am a Rastafarian, literally.


5. Can I be on the top? My back kinda hurts

Relax, am not gonna crash you for Pete's sake. Besides, we can explore better positions.

6. Your left boob is actually smaller

So are your balls dude. And I never mentioned it to you.

7. I love small boobs


Oh really? You think you trying to make me feel better?

8. I am not in the mood

You had better never be in the mood again. Like never.

9. Have you tried bio oil? Those are way too many stretchmarks


I am aware that I am a zebra. They are my identity marks actually.

10. Let me put off the lights

That should be my suggestion. If I don’t mind them, neither should you.


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