Kenyan ladies reveal why they can’t date a man with a potbelly

Wanaume hapa itabidi mumeenda gym

Man with a potbelly

Whom you fall in love with is a personal choice. If you love them tall, dark and handsome, good for you. Others love them short and thick and yes, we are happy for them all. I mean, if you are happy, nothing would matter more, right?

Lately, men and women as well are up to trying any new products that promise to burn belly fat and give them flat tummies. Why all the rush and the craze? Is it about the image or personal health?

Seemingly, a person’s body size really matters when choosing a partner. Well, not to everyone of course. But there’s a section of people who won’t date someone just because of their body size. Seriously.

We asked ladies, if they, for instance, would date a guy with a potbelly. Here’s what they had to say:

Ruth Rock: hell no!!!! transformer ukua iko apo tu ...inaeza kua its not supplying enough energy ..

Mish Jepkoech: NO Since he has more weight than me

Doreen Oranga: No, it so uncomfortable and irritating. Though to some ladies it acts as a pillow

Sandrah Friedah: Siwezi ata kwa dawa

Bobbinnej Nowergi: Hee...apana .......ikifika kwa kitanda ni Kama long distance relationship.... Wcha ikae

Rhoda Scholasticah: Noooo most of them have smaaaal ...........I'll be back soon

Mary Saralyne: No! Most of then have small d**ks siwezi kabisa

Josphine Beibz: in bed no plz🙆🙆🙆🙅

Rehema Atamba: No he is like a cock🐓🐓just a minute he is done nooo

Mercy Wanjeri: Nooo not good in bed.......

Mercy M Mario: Neffa and neffa

Joanne Mso: the bigger the belly the smaller the mjulus

Jano Nyaga: No we both can’t have pot bellies. I choose to give my skinny brothers a chance in this Caanan of tummies, my tummies coz I carry for them! And i gift my skinny sisters the one on the photo. SHARING IS CARING OOOKKKRRRUUUU??

The universe is so generous that there’s always someone to love you just as you are. Whether you have a potbelly or not, there’s someone for you. For these ones below, the potbelly is a non-issue:

Consolata Connie: Wako sweet mbaya.

Marline Jahendah: As long as he's faithful 😂😂🤣🤣

Alfosine Otieno: As long as the wallet also is porty like the belly,hakuna shida

Phylis Oyaro: Y not, c anaonekana wallet iko sawa?

De Yong: Me yes, i mean shida c potbelly shida ni steering

Nyambura Wa Mwangi: Why not unaweza kuwa na 6 pack na uwe prukengee I don't judge the pot belly he can deliver too hehehe

Gugulethu Annie: Yes I will be rubbing that fat belly playing with it 😀

Buffalo Buffalo: Why not, Kwanza akiwa na pesa


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