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Clever tips to raise a baby on a tight budget

Raising a baby doesn't have to be so difficult

How to raise a baby on a budget (thepointng)

Are you trying to raise your baby but you are on a very tight budget? Relax, you can do it. Many others have hacked it and so can you. First, you will need to put in some work and discipline. You can’t just afford to work without planning because you will end up being frustrated.

Whatever little finances you got, you can plan and make it work. Try making use of these tips and you will raise your baby without too much stress:

1. Start budgeting when still pregnant


Planning starts as early as when you are pregnant. Cut on some of the luxuries so that you can save in preparation for the baby. For instance, you can go for antenatal in a government clinic which is much cheaper as compared private clinics. Eating a balanced diet and developing a healthy lifestyle, in general, will also save you from having to buy expensive supplements.

2. Go for post-natal in a government facility

Once your baby is here, especially if you don’t have health insurance, go for well-baby clinics at a government facility. It’s cheaper and some people say they have the best services.

3. Swap items with friends


To do these, you need to have friends with kids of different ages. Then you can swipe and exchange the items that one doesn’t need.

4. Buy second-hand items

When the baby is small, you will definitely want to buy new items from clothes to feeding bottles. But as they grow, you can get affordable second-hand items. You can add a disinfectant in the rinsing water.

5. Use cloth diapers


Yes, you will have a basket full of dirty laundry but will save on diaper expenses. Invest in reusable diapers or nappies.

6. Watch out for offers

Be on the lookout for any offers available in kids’ stores and other outlets that deal with baby stuff. That also means that you need to be keeping some money aside so that you don’t miss out on any offers that come up.

7. Skip the shoes


Your baby doesn’t need the shoes until they can walk. Yes, they are fancy but if you are working on a budget, you can do without them since your baby has nothing to lose.

8. Swap babysitting with friends

This works well if you are a stay at mom or if you are not working on that particular day. Instead of paying someone to babysit your baby when you are away, you can have your friends do it at no fee. Be sure to return the favour when they need you to do the same.


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