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Toxic behaviors you should not tolerate in a relationship

You deserve better

Couple fighting

People tolerate toxic behaviors from their partners because they don’t realize that it’s toxic. Others realize it but do not have the courage to call it out on their partners.

You dictate how people treat you. You go on tolerating toxic behavior from your partner and they will go on and treat you badly.

Whether you are dating or in a marriage, never stand these toxic behaviors in a relationship:



These are people who feel the urge to control everyone and every situation. Being overly controlling is unhealthy and you should not tolerate it. Your partner should know that you have your own life to live and you can also make decisions without having to inform them.

Making demeaning comments

If a partner looks down on you and keeps on saying hurtful things to you, they don’t deserve you. A person who truly cares will watch what they say because they don’t want to cause you pain.


Body shaming

If your partner makes you feel bad about your body and makes humiliating comments, don’t let them get away with it. Some partners do this to make you believe that you are lucky to have them and that you will never find someone else to love you as you are.


It’s completely wrong and cruel. During an argument, a partner will make you doubt your own sanity and suggest that you are actually going crazy. Crazier partners will even suggest you see a psychiatrist and pretend to be o worried about your mental health.


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