When youre invited to a wedding, there are some rules you need to follow.

Unlike long ago when people would just show up from nowhere since so and so is getting married, nowadays, you have to follow some wedding etiquette. Modern day brides want a small gathering of just their close friends and family. They want the guests to follow a dress code for instance and make their big day look grand. Let's get straight into these rules of attending a wedding.

1. First of all, you need to RSVP before the deadline.

The reason why you're asked to RSVP on the wedding invitation is to help the couple getting married know how many people to expect and subsequently, plan themselves accordingly.

2. Unless the invite says so, don't bring a plus one.

A wedding invitation will tell you if you're allowed to bring a plus one or not. And BTW, you're not supposed to call the bride to ask. She's probably too busy getting ready for the big day. This also applies to kids. Some brides will tell you not to bring kids. Kindly adhere to that. Kids can really ruin a ceremony by throwing tantrums and what not. Leave them at home after all, a wedding is more often than not an adults only affair.

3. Follow the dress code.

If the bride wants you to wear florals, by all means wear florals. At the same time, you wanna make sure that you're not outshining the bride on her big day. Avoid over the top outfits that steal the shine from the bride. While still on the dress code, never ever wear white unless, that's what the bride wants you to wear. Also avoid outfits that don't go in line with weddings such as jeans, overly revealing clothes and jiggly jewelry. You don't want to be that guest whose bracelets are making so much noise at the church ceremony!

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4. Get the gift in good time.

Most of the times, you will have a few weeks left to the wedding day. Don't be the last minute guest who rushes to look for a gift on the day of the wedding when they had literally three weeks do do that. Also, do ensure that you're following the gift rules. Not all couples want gifts on their wedding day. Others are simply okay with vouchers or cash so make sure you get that right.

5. Do not be late!

Check the invite correctly so that you're familiar with the venue and time of the event for proper planning.

6. Eat and drink responsilbly.

Some of us Africans will go for three rounds of food yet some guests have not yet eaten. Don't be so backward. Let others eat too and after everyone has eaten, you can go for a second around.

7. Don't get drunk or cause a scene.

Nope, definitely not at a wedding please!

8. Remember to turn off your phone especially during the church ceremony.

Imagine a Kwangwaru ringtone ruining your special vows moment? Urgh.

9. Have fun, dance, enjoy being a part and parcel of the couple's big day and congratulate the bride, groom and their families after the wedding.

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