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What if he wants to just use & dump me?

I’m scared he doesn't love me as he says he does.

Dear Bukky,

I met this guy in 100 level and we have been friends and I liked him a lot.

Last two weeks we got talking and he told me he has always liked me but was scared to let me know...

We tried to understand each other and we are dating now but the problem is; he is too busy with work and for two days now our conversation has been cold.


I’m scared he doesn't love me and he only wants to use me. Help me please.___________________

Hi reader,

If you just got into a relationship with someone for two weeks and you are already doubting his intentions, I think you might be overreacting.

On the issue of conversations being cold, how do you communicate with him? Do you wait for him to reach out and drive the conversations all the time?

That could probably be an issue.


Secondly, two weeks is such a short time to draw such conclusions from.

Also being busy with work does not justify your belief that he ‘wants to use you.’

If you have known each other for long before getting into a relationship, and the relationship is just two weeks old, why not see it as some of the little bumps that needs to be navigated?

And how do you navigate these things? By talking about them!

Don't 'expect' people to know your needs all the time. Sometimes, you need to be vocal and expressly state what you expect. I believe this is one of those times.


Partners often go through teething problems as this in new relationships.

With openness, and good communication, I'm quite certain you can smoothen things out.

Good luck._____________________Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

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