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Important things you must know before dating a plus-size woman

What it's like to date a chubby girl

Overweight (Black Coffy)

So you are attracted to chubby girls and you think it’s as easy as approaching her and things get rolling? It’s not as easy as that.

Not like they come with a manual because every woman is different anyway, but there are things you need to know before dating a plus-size woman. Just like there are things to bear in mind before dating a woman in her 30s.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to know about dating a plus-size woman, shall we?

1. Don’t even try to carry her around


No, you are not being romantic here. You are only making her feel more uncomfortable. Forget about lifting her in public and even carrying her to bed when she falls asleep on the couch. You trying to do it, and of course failing, makes it seem like reminding her of how heavy she weighs.

2. You have to be proud of her

If you think you are going to be leaving your girlfriend when you go out because you are embarrassed by her, then don’t even date her. She doesn’t want to be kept secret and if you cannot handle what people will say or think, then plus size women are clearly not your type.

3. Be ready to take negative comments


It will be hurtful to hear your friends say nasty things or joke about your girlfriend’s body. Can you take it? Brace yourself for the criticism and be ready to defend her from body shamers.

4. Don’t pester her to exercise

If she is unfit, she knows it and knows its unhealthy. Don’t keep on pestering her to go to the gym. When she is ready, she will do it.

5. Don’t focus on what she eats


When you take her on a date, don’t pay so much attention or criticize her choice of food. Whether she chooses to only eat salad or opts for the burger, please let her be. Chubby women have the right to eat and nurse their cravings like everyone else.

6. Don’t fetishize her

If chubby women are your fetish, please reserve the comments. It’s in bad taste when someone knows that you are not attracted to them as a person but just for their body.


7. Support her

If she is trying to lose weight, you need to be supportive and positive as well. You don’t want to be the one bringing her down.


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