7 types of annoying people we all have on our WhatsApp

Maybe they need a block?

However, some people have made it so difficult to socialize without stepping on your toes. There's always someone on your contact list who always seems to be looking for the slightest moment to trigger your adrenalne.

Here are some of the most annoying types of people you will never miss from your contact list:

1. Downloads photos to their galleries

This is the most annoying type you will ever find on whatsapp. They have no respect for your privacy and do not even bother to request the permission to use your photo. They comfortably download your profile picture and the next thing you see is your photo as their status. Mind you, these are just some random people you met at a conference or job interview.

2. Recruiters

These are the kinds who steal your number from a whatsapp group then slide to your DM. They are very big at online marketing and they promise heavens once you accept to be recruited by them. Apparently, the only qualifications you need to get into their lucrative deals is a laptop or smartphone.

3. Video callers

This is another lot that will never let you breathe. Once they see you online, they are so quick to video call you without asking whether you are in a favorable environment. Some will even call you at odd times when you are at work or getting ready for bed.

4. Adds you to every group

What's more annoying than waking up to new messages from some random group you have no clue about. The groups range from wedding committees, burial planning or a fund raiser group.

Last week an old friend almost swallowed me alive when I left a group he had added me to. He even questioned how callous I had been for 'lefting' the group without sending a condolences message. If you have to add someone in a group, be sure to contact them first for approval.

5. The Hi type

This is usually a new number who only says hi and ghosts. After some months, they resurface again, say hi again before making another disappearance. They have no photo on their profiles and their conversation never exceeds the salutation.

6. Never creative

With the new Whatsapp feature, it easier to catch these people who are always sending forwarded message. They have nothing constructive to send and all they can do is forward you some random forwarded images, videos and boring inspirational audios. They don't even have the time to say hi before sending their forwarded messages.

7. Fill up your galleries

You never asked for their photos in the first place. But once they come from a picnic or trip, be ready to have your gallery filled with their photos. They assume that you badly need to see how epic their vacation was and see no need to ask if they can share their personal photos with you.


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