Why dating a rich person when you are broke can be awful

It sucks

Why dating a rich person when broke sucks(Tagg Magazine)

Let’s get real about it. Dating a wealthier person when you are broke isn’t as sweet as you might be tempted to think. You imagine yourself rolling in cash, driving flashy vehicles and going to the best of places without giving a monkey’s about money. It’s all anyone would ask for, right?

Well, here’s the truth. With all the wealth your other someone has, you will be surprised that dating your ex who didn’t have much was actually way better. Of course, it works perfectly well for some people but it’s not so for everyone.

For instance, think about these struggles of dating a moneybags:

1. It sucks to always come second

While not every wealthy person places so much value on what they have, we know for sure that there are those whose wealth is more important than anything else. They will actually care more about their cars than you. And, some will hardly have time for you because they are busy making more money.

2. They might think you are dating them for money

It’ not easy to date someone who thinks you are there for the money when your feelings are so genuine.

3. You will want to reciprocate their good deeds

When they gift you with luxurious vacations, you will want to at least do something for them in return. Sadly, your finances can’t allow and that won’t feel so good.

4. You will always wonder how you can make them happy

When it’s their birthday, you won’t even know what to get them because they have it all. And you will be afraid that they may not appreciate the little that you will give.

5. They might despise you for being broke

Some wealthy people believe that broke people are lazy or unambitious. If this is what your rich partner thinks about you, don’t expect them to treat you right.

6. Getting things for free feels terrible

They might not even care to pay for all the bills and vacations but trust you me, you will get tired of all the free things. You might even resent your own life.

7. It’s addicting

Once you are used to the life of luxury, it will be very difficult to adjust to ordinary life if you ever part ways. You will be so tempted to become a gold digger because you can’t cope.


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