6 reasons why long distance relationships don't work


Long distance relationships(courtesy)

Every relationship has its own challenges but long-distance relationships tend to be more challenging. It takes a lot of trust, love, and commitment for a long distance relationship to work. But if every part can play their role in the relationship fully, you can both have a happy ending at the end of it all.

So why do most long-distance relationships fail? Here are some common reasons why they don’t work:

1. Loneliness

Let’s admit it, it sucks to be all alone while you had been used to having a good time with your partner. Thinking that you can’t be with them at times can make you sad. In an effort to find happiness once again, some people end up cheating on their partners.

2. Mistrust

A successful relationship is founded on trust and long distance relationships are no exceptions. If you keep worrying that your partner may be cheating on you because they are far from you, there is no trust. You have to trust your partner and they should also trust you back if it has to work.

3. Cost

Dating someone who is far away is quite expensive. You need to travel to see each other from time to time to keep the fire burning. What if you can’t afford to travel more often? The bond gets weaker day by day.

4. New environment

We do not want to admit it but most of us are affected by the environment. You meet new people, make new friends and you spend so much time with them that you even have no time to chat or give your partner a call.

5. You stop communicating

Constant communication is the best way to keep love in a long distance relationship live. Once you stop making the effort to check on each other, you get used to living without talking to them. And just like that, the relationship crumbles.

6. No sex

Well, it’s never all about sex. But living without it when you were used to having it more often may be challenging. And those who can’t resist the urge look for it elsewhere.


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