6 reasons why men like having sex with older women

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Why men prefer having sex with older women(GainesvilleScene)

There is something interesting about breaking the rules even when it comes to sex. That’s why younger men are breaking the societal rules and going for older women.

You are already wondering why your man would even think of having sex with an older man? See these reasons below:

1. Hats off to older women, they are rich with expertise

They have been in this game for years and definitely with different partners. What else would you expect from such a woman? They are not trying anything out here, they already know what works and what men expect in bed.

2. They understand it’s just sex

Unlike younger women who will expect something more like a relationship or money, there are no strings attached to these women. Some of them are already divorced and the only thing they are looking for in a man is to have some fun.

3. They know what they want and they will ask for it

With so many years of experience, they already know what makes them feel good. And they are not afraid nor shy to ask for it. This is unlike some younger women who have trouble expressing their sexual needs and wants to a man.

4. It’s a chance to learn

If you are still green, then cougars can teach you a lot. Men are usually excited to acquire these skills since older women are also eager to instill sexual knowledge in younger men.

5. They are not ashamed of their bodies

Surely, they may not have the best bodies to look at because the skin may already have some wrinkles but they don’t really care about it. And there is nothing a man admires like a woman who is confident in her body.

6. Better at flirting at dirty talk

And this, men really like.


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