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Why you should date a man raised by a single mom

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That men raised by single moms are weaker in marriage is what most people opine. But have you ever thought of the good side? Actually, if you think of it, they might actually make better partners than those raised by both parents.

If you don’t believe it, keep reading. You might just want to start dating one right away after reading this! Anyways, let’s get to the real benefits of dating a guy raised by a single mom:

1. They are the most caring


Seriously, no kidding here. They have been raised with so much love and all they have been taught is to spread the love. Plus being the male figure in their family has taught them to take care of their mom. And we all know that a man who doesn’t care about the mom will never care about the wife.

2. They will never raise a hand on you

Growing up, they didn’t experience any violence from parents fighting. So where would they learn how to batter a woman?

3. They make the best husbands and dads

Because they did not have fatherly love, they will do all they can to be the best dad and husband. They will not want you to go through what their mom went through.


4. They don’t choose chores

You’ve met those egocentric men who say they can’t do the dishes? Those aren’t products of single moms. See, when you are brought up by a single mom, she teaches you to do every chore be it cooking or laundry. In a single mom home, there are no male or female chores.

5. They can fix close to anything

They became the ‘man in the house’ when they were still very young. They had to learn how to fix things around the house and always helped with the things the mom couldn’t do.


6. They respect women

This is probably the most important thing. If you ask any man raised by a single mom, they will tell you how strong their mom is. Because they have seen their mom raise them all by herself, they appreciate women and respect them.


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