Here’s why you should go for a baecation before saying ‘I do’

Form ni baecation

Baecation (shutterstock)

Have you ever gone for a baecation? If not, you need to go for one. Or at least travel to some place even if it’s for a night or two with your partner before you get married.

No, we ain’t kidding. You can’t be Netflixing in the house from January to December. Besides, there are lot's of places to travel on a budget in Kenya. This is why traveling with your partner is so important for your relationship:

1. You are likely to have better sex

If you have been having trouble with your sex life, going for a vacation with your bae might be a great way to revamp it. Being away from work, family and the daily struggles of life, you are able to focus better on each other even during sex.

2. You make memories

Besides having a good time with your bae, you also get to make memories with them. And what is more beautiful than sharing the best memories with the person you love? Then in future, you can have an album of all those sweet memories to show to your babies. Awesome, right?

3. It improves your bond

Even if it’s just a one weekend vacation, it does wonders and strengthens your bond. You will be having fun but the challenges might also come. You will have no one else but each other. You, therefore, have to support each other come rain come sunshine. This will improve your relationship and make you stronger for future challenges.

4. You get to know what they like

During the baecation, you will have an opportunity to know what your partner really likes. If they are adventurous or they just prefer lying down and Netflixing, you will definitely know it.

5. You see their bad side as well

You might get lost in a new city, meet bad guys or lose something precious during the vacation. How your bae behaves at such stressful moments will tell you so much about the kind of person they are.

6. You might discover if you suit each other

A one-week baecation with your partner can be such an eye-opener. Even if they are so good at pretending, if you are keen, you will know it within that span of time. You will know if your bae is a morning person, if they are lazy, or reckless. From their behavior, you can then determine if you two are like heaven and earth or a match made in heaven. 


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