It’s normal for couples to fight. However, what really matters is how you go about your fights and how you resolve your differences.

Sometimes it can get really awkward especially after a terrible fight. You are angry, your partner is angry but you still need to talk and get things back to normal. It’s not always easy but with these tips, you can easily reconnect with your partner after that huge fight you just had.

1. Take some time

Sad couple in bed(Classic 105)
Sad couple in bed(Classic 105)

People are different and some take longer to calm down after an argument. If your partner is still mad at you a day after, don’t force things. Give them time to calm down before you try to reconnect. When they are mad, it’s unlikely that they will be willing to discuss anything with you.

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2. Forget about being right

This is a major problem for millennials. Everyone wants to be right in a relationship. It’s always a fight over who is righter than the other. This shouldn’t be the case if you want to reconnect fast enough after a fight. Instead of arguing on who was wrong and who was right, focus on solving the issue at hand.

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3. Own up your mistakes

Couple talking in bed
Couple talking in bed

Blame games won’t solve anything. During the argument, maybe you said mean things or did something out of anger. Own your mistakes and apologize. Even a simple phrase like ‘I know I should have listened’ or ‘I am sorry for saying that’ can make things better. Plus, your partner will also be prompted to own up their mistakes as well, bringing you to a mutual ground.

4. Solve the problem

If the two of you have not yet achieved an emotional equilibrium, it’s impossible to talk things over. Once you are both calm, discuss things maturely, honestly and with kindness. Get to the root cause of the fight and solve it.

5. Make love

Couple kissing
Couple kissing
Love & Basketball

Never underestimate the power of sex between two people in love. After solving issues, making love will revive the warmth and rekindle the love in your relationship.