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Great reasons to marry a man who cooks

You won't regret it

Why you should marry a man who cooks (shutterstock)

It’s no secret that men who can cook are sexier. If that’s no reason enough for you to consider dating and later on marrying a man who can cook, then we will give you more great reasons.

Here we go:

1. You will save money


Eating out is very expensive. So is ordering food. If you are too tired to cook or you are unwell, you can count on your partner to get into the kitchen and make a sumptuous meal for both of you. You will have saved money that you can use for something else.

2. You’ll experience the sweetness of ‘breakfast in bed’

If your man cannot cook, how else will you know how it feels to enjoy breakfast in bed on a lazy Saturday? You will only hear it from other women who are lucky to get a man who cooks. We bet you don’t want that, do you?

3. You will have some time to rest


After a long and tiresome day at work, there are days you will just want to take a shower then jump into the bed immediately. But you cannot enjoy this pleasure if your man can’t cook. Get a man who can cook and you will enjoy to have some days when you just sit, then your man cooks and serves you. How great is that?

4. You will learn

If you are not a good cook yourself, your man will teach you the skills. And if you both can cook, the better because you will exchange recipes and kitchen hacks.


5. Balance of household chores

When your girlfriends will be complaining about how much household work is waiting on them, you won’t relate. Because when your husband is helping in the kitchen, you will be doing laundry and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

6. You will feel like a queen

Besides all the above great reasons, it feels really nice to have your husband cook and serve you your favorite meal. 



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