I'm leaving my wife for another man (Part 3)

“What’s a bottom?” I asked.

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“Oh, I see you’re so new into this. Looks like I have a tough job of turning a straight man gay. You have a lot to learn honey. But for starters, a bottom is the one on the receiving end, while a top is the one who does the pumping. There are versatile gays too, which means, you can do both. Like me.” He said with a smile.

“Riggggggght…” I responded.

“Don’t worry, it’s never easy the first time but you’ll get a hang of it.” He told me as he went ahead to kneel and take in my cock with his mouth. Listen, this may probably disgust you but I must tell you that it was the best blow job I had ever had in my life. Of course, Liz had sucked my cock before. But to have another man do it? Take it all in, deep throat you as your balls get cupped and your perineum massaged? I can’t even explain it. I guess it’s a case of the forbidden fruit is sweeter, maybe I always was a homosexual and never knew it but that moment did not feel wrong, did not feel satanic, did not feel odd. It felt RIGHT! Liam was skilled in the whole oral sex shebang, he ate my ass as he spit on it and fingered me and while it felt good, I couldn’t help but think if I was clean enough and ready for my first gay sex experience.

“I’m gonna use some lube…” Liam said as if calming me down, as he slathered his cock with the lube which he took out from his small man bag.

“Just relax your muscles, take ten deep breaths and then breath out and relax.” I loved how he took charge. It’s as though everything he was doing was for my pleasure!

As his medium sized cock penetrated my ass, I let out a loud scream, it fucking hurt and for a second, my fantasy was ruined. There was nothing great about what I was feeling. “Ow that fucking hurts”, I said. “Take deep breaths, relax and then breathe out. Just relax, it’ll be fine.” He advised.

I did as told and funny enough, as he slowly thrust back and forth, lazy dog style, the pain was less and the feeling was much better. I clung on to the bed as he picked up the pace, fucking me to the core while letting out a masculine grunt with every thrust. I loved how he would bend over and hold me while twisting my head to the side to kiss me.

He flipped me on my back and went to the edge of the bed, my legs in his arms – and in he went, after adding more lube; starting slowly and picking up the pace. It wasn’t painful anymore, I was relaxed. It was a sensation I had never felt before - like a good kind of pain, one that hits the right spot. Does that even make sense?! He let one of my legs go, spread it as he put the other on his shoulder and he fucked me as he wanked me off. I was in cloud 9. Whoa! The ass must have so many nerve endings because the feeling was one I’d never felt before. With him sweating, grunting and wanking me off, I creamed like a little bitch as I climaxed and Liam then increased the pace of the thrust till he came.

Fuck, that was different, different good. But I can’t deny that my first time was a bit embarrassing because when Liam was done, the air was not the cleanest, if you know what I mean. I was so mortified to see the condom with a bit of my rectal matter (poop is too gross of a word).

“Don’t worry about it, happens to the best of us, can’t go the chocolate factory and not get a sample hey?”, he said as we both chuckled and hit the shower. I loved the sex, at the beginning, it wasn’t comfortable, but I eased into it. Still, it was weird having my ass rammed. Like, I could still feel it closing down after the sex. I kinda felt violated afterwards; emasculated, like I had lost respect for myself but paradoxically, there was no ounce of regret.

“Normally, when you’re a bottom, you can douche, I’ll teach you how to do it cause I guess I’m seeing you again?” he casually said.

Was I willing to have another experience with my new anal ramming protege? Hmm, maybe second time’s the charm.

“Yeah, we should plan…” I responded.

“So yeah for the douche, just grab an enema from a pharmacy, you can use it to squirt water up your bum, not too much, then let it out; do this till you see the water is clean enough. This will help clean the bottom part of your rectum making you ready to take in a cock. Oh and eat a lot of fiber too. Haha.” He said as we both dressed up. I loved how he made me feel so comfortable and didn’t judge my poop situation. Liam was for keeps!

It’s now been six months since I first had my first sexcapade with Liam, we are still talking, sex is getting better, I am easing into it, and have learned how to douche so no more oops moments. He makes me feel alive, young again. I’ve even made a couple of friends in the LGBTQ community and more so those like me who are married but afraid of society judging them and still hiding behind their wedding rings and trapped in the closet. Liam knows about Liz, but Liz has no clue. At the moment, we fuck the clandestine style – in bed and breakfasts camouflaged in the suburban areas of Nairobi. This is my darkest secret; one that would break Liz and shatter her heart into a million pieces.

I’m not ready to be seen in public with another man, to me, this is a secret fantasy. I love Liz still, but deep down, my heart is with this younger, soul stirring hunk that has turned my life around, positively. I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know where this is headed. God! Maybe, I’m crazy. But it feels right. It feels right. Ah my darling Liz, I hope one day you will forgive me. 

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