Bedroom manners that can ruin your marriage

With childen running around its the only place that the both of you can retreat and completely focus on each other. Still, there a few innocent seeming habits done in the bedroom that could actually ruin your marriage.

1. Going to sleep at different times.

According to Huffingpost, Bed time is meant for reconnecting and going to sleep at different times reduces the amount of time you have for intimacy and being together. This could easily make you drift away and become  comfortable with not being so close. During arguements, it an also be an easy escape to maintain distance instead of dealing with the problem. Marriage and family therapist Kari Carroll says that," Over time, this is how many breakups occur: by two people drifting apart and disengaging in the relationship. Avoid this by ensuring a ritual of coming back together in bed after going out into the world.”

2. You expect to have sex

Fine, sex and the bedroom are pretty much interwined but exepecting it every single time could lead to dstroy your marriage.  We all know what it’s like to be dead tired, not in the mood or just not physically capable. When you're expecting it every day then it becomes a chore instead of the fun loving event it should be.

3. Bringing gadgets to bed

Tip: If you can do it, let your room be as outdated as possible. That means, no phones, no working and no televisions. The whole idea of intomacy is to spend quality time together and hitting likes on Instagram will not get the conversation rolling.

4. Focusing on the children

Without  a clear boundary between family and alone time together, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed with parenting. Develop clear boundaries for parenting time and personal time in the evenings and establish rituals of connection before bed so no matter what your day throws your way, you can look forward to time with your partner.

5. You are always talking about your duties

Its good to have the occassional pillow time strategy for the next day but speaking about it every day just kills the mood for intimacy. When is the last time you simply spent the night flirting?

6.  Moving rooms when you're upset

No matter the issue in the house, you must have the ability to sort out your differences and leave your partner knowing that you still love him/her no matter what. Moving rooms is the first step of showing that you are okay with not being close with that person.

7. Drinking without your partner

Speaking on Huffingpost, Founder of couples therapy series forBetter says, “Technically, there’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine (or two) or great cocktails. But when it represents avoidance from reality, you have to realize that reality includes your partner. If you’re both using, that could be a mutual exercise in bonding and stress reduction. More likely, though, it’s a mutual exercise in avoidance. If only one of you is drunk or high, that’s almost certainly an exercise in avoidance, which is a great way to ruin your marriage.”

8. You sleep on a really big bed

The power of closeness in a relationship is often underestimated and while having a huge bed to roll up in when getting naughty is a dream for most couples, it could also be the cause of their separation. Too much space in between you in bed can make you feel distant from each oteher. One could even equate it to sleeping alone Further more, it kills your chances of enjoying the feel good hormone oxytocin that is produced during cuddling . The bed can be a natural place to cultivate touch between you, and living too long without it in a relationship can lead to feelings of loneliness.


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