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How a sponsor's mind works

Sugarbabies are dumb like that.

She'll propably just want money.

Furthermore, she doesn’t want to marry me. Lord knows I'm not trying to ditch Mama Peter for a parent-dependent university girl. I'm in it for the body, those perky youthful breasts that still look good enough to eat. I am just man of many desires, that’s not a sin.

These young girls don’t stress my mind. Like my sexy naughty Priscilla, she doesn’t over think my demands. She is always willing to come out and party with me. Last week she took a matatu to Naivasha at 8pm to warm my bed we went for golf with the guys.

And I deserve it.


A youthful woman ready to do the crazy things that I can come up with. She treats me like a King and don’t even get me started on her skills in bed. But let’s get this straight, she actually needs me more than I do her.

Wait, I don’t need her. I want her.

I want her undefiled sweetness all to myself. I can always replace her once I'm bored. I owe her nothing beyond the money I am spending on her. Didn’t I just buy her an iphone for her birthday last month?

Something else, she wears lingerie to bed. I don’t know who lied to Mama Peter but another day of waking up to an old woman with a net on her head like a factory worker will drive me insane.

Three thousand for hair after two weeks is a fair price to pay. Still, I’d rather spend it on a pretty young woman with the face to match the weave.


I just want someone to make me feel important. Someone who still believes that women should depend on men, who won’t question my decisions or doubt the reasons I give her for being too busy to pick up her call every damned hour.

These sugar babies are dumb like that.

Her ignorance is my strength.

I still can’t believe Priscilla thinks she's the one winning in our arrangement. Money? I can make triple of what I gave her in an hour but she's not taking back those nasty nights we had at the hotel.

I pray she doesn’t get pregnant though. That’s going to cause problems for me and wifey but meh… I can always give her money to abort. I can promise her something special if she does. She’ll probably want money instead.


Anyway, from the way she speaks so badly about her relationship with her parents, I bet she'd rather remove it than keep a baby. They'll kill her if they found out. Maybe it’s time I ask her to plan for long term contraceptives. No stupid little girl will carry my child. I won’t have it.

And speaking of children, my girls will never go out or live in a hostel once they grow up. I won’t have other parents disrespect me because my daughter is known to open her legs for anyone with money. I have taught her better. She best be like her mother.

I don’t understand how these learned little girls still don’t understand the importance of having principles. Must be the parents who don’t teach them. Such loose morals they have.


It’s not like I'm complaining though. It suits me just fine.


And why should I care? She's a consenting adult. Back in my day girls at twenty were married with three children to their name. My Mama Peter has known no lover except me. Baba Mike's wife too.

I feel sorry for the young boys. Always complaining about the way we are stealing their girls. They'll see the blessing in disguise when they finally grow up and want to settle. Didn’t the neighbour’s boy, Justin ditch his girlfriend, the one he was always partying with for the pretty little number serving in church? Peter has no choice too.  I am not paying dowry for someone I’ve seen in the clubs.

It’s clearly her problem not mine. I will always have Mama Peter. My kids are growing up to become important people in the society. Everything is just fine.


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