Is your boyfriend husband material?

Forever is a long time.

Pick a struggle. Choose your life partner wisely.

Marriage is forever and deciding whether or not you want to start a life with a guy is a pretty scary decision. There are a lot of things to consider, like, if you’re ready to include someone in making decisions or endure his terrible farts and snores. But before all this, is he really the one?

Beyond financial instability, failing to answer this question is one of the leading causes of divorce.

In her article, relationship guru Sabrina Alexis says that, "The common thread in most of these cases is these women are choosing men who clearly are not husband–or even relationship– material and hoping by some chance  he’ll suddenly transform and be the knight in shining armor she wants."

Are you a victim?

Whether single, dating or engaged, here’s a list of signs to help you determine if he’s Mr. Right.

1. He enjoys spending time with you

Do you believe him when he says he misses you? A guy who is husband material will make a deliberate decision to hang out with you and take his time. You don’t even need to ask, he’s down for random dates or just chilling with you instead of going out with his friends.

2. He makes love not war

What is his battle strategy? A guy who cares will be careful to lead all your arguments to a quick end without leaving you upset. Even when you’re on the wrong, he doesn’t shout at you but find out why it happened first before deciding if he's mad or not. A husband material will take charge of the situation and fess up if he’s the one to blame. He gives you a leeway to get away with a few things just because you're his.

3. Wife over bros

A husband material respects your opinions and decisions even if they make him look whipped in front of his friends. He’d never embarrass you and will protect your honour even when you’re not there.

How do you know? Trust me, these things always catch up.

4. He doesn’t mind your guilty pleasures.

Late night reading, art collection or a weird genre of music, whatever it is, a good guy will come out of his man cave and indulge your interests.

5. A man remembers

If a guy is interested, he’ll remember the important details about what you tell him. You’re goals and dreams become his business and he will be the first one to remind you just in case you’re deviating.

6. He talks about you

He doesn’t have to upload your pictures all over the internet but everyone important to him knows just how important you are too. He’ll talk about you to anyone that cares to listen. Even the butcher guy knows you’re his woman.

7. He respects your space

A husband material guy understands that life doesn’t revolve around your relationship and will give you time to work and be yourself so that you can enjoy the time you spend with him He knows that you’ve got separate lives and won’t impose unnecessarily.

8. He’s there for you even when it means sacrificing

How quick is he to respond to your call of need? Would he inconvenience himself to help you out? It goes unsaid that the man is the leader of a home. You don’t want to get hitched to someone who doesn’t have your back.

9. He is growth oriented

A great guy will be clear from the get go that he’s in it for the long run. You become part of his future plan. He won’t be shy to tell you where he wants your relationship to go. Men know what they want and you can easily see the confidence when he tells you that you’re the real deal for him.

10. He genuinely loves you

You know it’s real when you can genuinely and confidently say that your boyfriend loves you. It’s not just the words he says but every little thing he does voluntarily that make you swoon. If your heart isn’t pooping its pant around your man, then it’s time to pack up and leave.

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