Your girlfriend should never insult you

He's the one with the balls in the relationship.

It's a tasteless behavior for a woman to not know her place. Yes, I said it. Her place.

I'm not talking about the kitchen. (Lord knows I love a man who can cook.) But rasing your voice or using demeaning language when talking to your boyfriend is like paying for your ticket to being singlehood.

Not only will he ditch you, this is the one sin that doesn't allow second chances.

Just like you, a man needs to be loved. He needs to feel like he's the center of your world and highly respected in the relationship. It doesn't matter if you're are earning more than he is. He is still the one with the balls in the relationship. Insulting him, slapping him or comparing him to other guys will not achieve this.

Wait, before you decide feminism must be voiced in the comments below, think about this.

1. You're not ready for the backlash

While he will feel hurt about the insults, one sure fact is that you will probably hurt more if he decides to reciprocate. Unlike men, women tend to take words a bit more seriously than guys.

2. Someone else is ready to be good to him

The world doesn't revolve around your bum baby girl. While you leave him with blue ticks while chatting, some other girl is somewhere responding in seconds. The ratio of men to women is 1:3. He's got a better chance at dating the right girl than you do the right man.

3. You could scar him for life

Often we speak about women being emotionally abused and taking a very long time to recover, we tend to forget the boy child. In a society where men are not supposed to show their emotions, a lot of them ae shouldering insecurities brought about by demeaning abusive girlfriends. Such pile up into ugly ghosts of violence in his future relationships. (If he gets the courage to date again.)

When it comes to your partner, take a minute before you speak or raise your hand. After all violence is only an indication of lacking the mature ability to solve problems.


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