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Nunu 101: 5 ways to keep your lady parts happy

Don't stress this Valentines, this is how to keep your girlies happy and healthy. Number 5 will shock you!

Sex will make you happy, but what you do before and after should keep your Vag happier.

No ladies, you don't have to change partners and neither are you sick. You're probably just not doing your before and after sex care as you should. Read on.

1. Remember your potty breaks

Let us clear this up for you. It’s such a turn off to watch your woman rush out of bed to go pee every single time you have sex. Unless you’ve really got to go, stay put and snuggle up. You may have heard that peeing immediately after sex helps prevent infections up your bladder but a little urine will not change anything. However, your vagina is very sensitive at this particular time and stalling potty time may push up germs up your bladder. You’ve got sixty minutes to kiss and cuddle before you have to go.


2. Keep off the wet wipes

They can be such life savers especially after, ahem, a hot messy love session. However, wiping your lady parts with wet wipes that contain various chemicals after sex may lead to infections through your vulva and vaginal skin.  Also clean up from front to back to avoid pushing germs from your bum to your woman parts.

3. Insist on his pre-shower sex

After a long day of sweating and probably using group washrooms, your man, as clean as he may seem, could have picked up a few bacteria on his way. Don’t let him skip his shower before getting down and dirty.

4. Watch your plate


You may have been avoiding all those foods that are bad for your girlies but over feeding on healthy foods just before having sex is detrimental your indulgences. According to Woman's Health, over stacking on healthy foods like veggies and cereals can give you really bad gas. Beyond being super scared that you’ll embarrass yourself during intercourse, having a gassy tummy when doing the dirty can be quite uncomfortable and painful.

5. Purr with style

You might feel the urge to stretch your limbs after getting laid (don’t we all?) but how you position your pelvic after sex may just get you pregnant! Yes, pregnant. According to Bump, lifting your pelvic after sex may help push the sperms into your cervix. Depending on whether or not you want to conceive, be mindful of what position you take to rest after sex.


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