Why single mothers remain single

Sometimes, choosing to be happy also means choosing to remain single...


Here are some interesting facts why single mothers choose to remain single

Single mother’s main priority is their kids

Most millennial single mother’s do not have time (at least for a couple of more years) to start thinking about getting married.

From working, studying and planning play dates there just isn’t time at the moment to start planning a wedding or thinking about marriage.

This is not to say that they do not want to get married one day, they may just be taking their time before they walk down the aisle.

“My child is my priority. Her happiness is my happiness and God for us all,” said Susan, a single mother of one.

They do not really follow the old ways of having a family anymore

They already have a child out of wed lock. It is safe to say that their ways of starting a family will not be the same as their grandparents or parents.

They simply don’t feel the pressure to do so since they belong to a liberal generation that has changing views of marriage.

They invest in themselves first

Millenial mums had plans for their future way before they got their babies. They may take a break from their future plans when they give birth but that does not mean that they do not want to resume pursuing their future plans.

They want to go back to school (if they haven’t finished yet), start a career, travel the world and raise their baby all at once.

“Being a single mother, or anyone who has been in a previous relationship that did not go as well, you discover your self-worth after that relationship ends and you learn to protect it,” Susan explained.

But do not get it twisted, their kids are always going to be their main priority.

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