Top 3 apps every Kenyan must have

Challenge yourself and learn how to save money with these apps

Mobile apps have become very popular with a good number of them being used for socialization and business among other things – all with the purpose of easing up day to day activities.

Services such as mobile money transfers and banking transactions are without a doubt some of the commonly used services in Kenya today.

While money transfers and banking transactions are all good there is a need to save money as well and using piggy banks and old food tins just won't cut it.

Banks do offer saving accounts and that is great but with the coming of new technology it doesn't hurt to keep up with the changes.

Here are some apps that can help you manage and track your money in order to save it with just the click of a button – the secret to wealth is after all learning to save money.

1.M-farm app

Farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in Kenya and more and more people are taking note of that.

If you are a farmer or plan to get into farming then this is the app for you.

How it works

The app has built-in price trends that can help the user gauge when is the right time to plant their produce in order for maximum profit from their produce.

In addition, the app directly connects buyers from all over which makes it easy to sell produce when it is ready.

You can also get information on the prices of produce in different markets which can help you competitively price your produce.

2.Chamasoft app

For the treasurers in chamas, this app helps to ease financial operations within your chama.

Some of the features on the app that help with this is member invoicing, updated statements for each member and log-ins for each member in order for them to track their financial status in the chama.

The app alerts members to make their payments on time.

3.CBA Loop

The CBA loop digital banking service includes an analysis feature that helps users to track their income and how they spend through the use of charts.

The charts also help to break down every transaction you make in detail which makes it easy for a consumer to know how they are spending their money and on what exactly they are spending their money on.


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