The Most Famous Cats from Films

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The Most Famous Cats From Films

Cats are not known just as great pets, some have even had some roles exuding their feline persuasion and spicing up scenes in movies. Yes, we have seen some amazing cats taking up the stage and playing massive roles in some of the popular movies and shows around the world.

In this regard, we have compiled this quick list covering some of the most famous cats that have appeared in films and the roles they had.

In this thriller scripted by Stephen King, General, the cat, takes the central role in linking the three tales told in the movies. However, General is more visible in the third tale, where his feline role comes out quite impressively. General plays in the third tale involve keeping Drew Barrymore safe from a supposedly malevolent troll at night.

The unsettling yet surprising scene is played by apparently twelve cats who play the General's role, yet one would say they come out so good. General presents the urgency and the terror of having to fight the midnight troll through persistent pawning and leaping as well as battling. As the film climax, General keeps adjusting the turntable settings when the midnight creature comes. Playing the savior's role, he sets the creepy creature to its gruesome death.

Cats have also variously played the role of uniting humans. They act as mediators, or Kitten does in the movie "Trainspotting." He comes in when a distressed Tommy gets to a gruesome twist in his life. His girlfriend Lizzie exits their relationship, and Tommy's immediate move is to offer her Kitten in an attempt to win her back. Unfortunately, Lizzie declines the offer, and Tommy has to keep it. Although it remains neglected thereafter, a friend says at Tommy's funeral that the Kitten was fine after all.

Alley cat appears twice in the movie set at a sordid New Orleans brothel. In the opening credits, Alley's black cat makes a memorable appearance with his long-legged shadow prowling the alleys as the theme song by Elmer Bernstein plays. The other time Alley cat appears in the closing credits, and this time, it walks over a newspaper that details the scandal in the movie. At the very least, one would conclude that the cat played a symbolic role in the movie and succeeded.

Black cats have a way of bringing out horror scenes in movies, or at least, the idea of haunted people. Black Cat in the movie adapted from Richard Matheson’s novel plays an exciting role in presenting a Belasco House as a haunted mansion. Black Cat, who appears to be defiant, walks into the infamous house and attacks Florence. Psychic Florence seems to have kills Black Cat in self-defense, only for the cat to reappear while patrolling outside the house.

This is yet another tale of cats being part of romance or making the bond between two characters in a movie strong. The cat is undoubtedly one of the most famous kitties where the character’s chance encounter leads to famous film scenes of all time. Kitten comes into play when Reporter Marcello finds film star Sylvia. The two people wander through Rome's streets at night, which are actually deserted, when Sylvia scoops up Kitten, a stray white cat. She places it on her head, after which Marcello goes to find milk. In the subsequent scenes, Kitten gives both Marcello and Sylvia some fun to do together, giving Kitten milk.

As the film title suggests, food is scarce in District 12. This makes Katniss threaten to eat her sister Prim’s cat. We all know that this would not have ended well. Fortunately, kitty and Katniss become great friends in the end after they survive the hunger. The role of Buttercup was played by a black-and-white cat in the film when it was first produced. However, Suzanne Collins, who was the author of the books from which the movie was adapted, requested that a fluffy orange cat takes the lead in a recast. This was by the cat's description in her books, and one would guess that she wanted it to be as real as possible.

Elle by Paul Verhoeven opens with Marty staring blankly as Michele, who owns her, is being sexually assaulted. Much later, Michele summons Marty and says, "You didn't have to claw his eyes out, but you could have at least scratched him." Which is funny when you think of it. But Marty is not just your ordinary cat. Instead, he is one on whose shoulders the responsibility of taking care of Michele is placed.

There are just but a few celeb cats that have had memorable roles in the big screen. It is a trend that has been around for quite a while and it isn’t about to slow down soon. So, expect more cats making support and lead roles in many more movies!.

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