6 things you should not tell your friends about your relationships

Just how much do you tell friends about your relationship?

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We all are guilty of sharing some details about our relationships with friends. But hey, not every nitty gritty of your love life deserves your friends’ attention. There are things you should keep low not just because they you become the topic of discussion but because others are simply your darn business.

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Here are a few things you should not be telling your friends:

1. Your sex life

How many times you have sex, how good or bad your partner’s game is are not things you should be talking to your friends about. It’s tempting for girls to want to share all the details and seek opinions but that’s not right. If your sex life has problems, just see a therapist. And if it’s the best, just enjoy it and keep it to yourself.

2. Money problems

Money problems are likely to arise at least once in a while. If you are in a financial crisis or trying to settle some debts, it’s for the two of you to figure out how to do it. Spilling the beans to your friends is a sign of mistrust to your partner.

3. Your partner’s past

They might have been in an ugly divorce, have a baby mama or cheated on their ex. While you may be willing to accept their past, your friends may not. And even though you do not need their approval, you will be a subject of criticism and ridicule.

4. Confidential

If they trusted you with confidential information, they trust you to keep it secret. Sharing with friends is therefore betraying their trust. And it would really hurt if they heard it from a third party.

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5. Your fight

While it’s okay to seek help when things are really bad, you shouldn’t go broadcasting your fights to your friends. Not just because your friends may mislead you, but because you should also be able to solve your own problems.

6. If your partner dislikes your friends

We have that one person we don’t get along with. If your partner dislikes one of your friends, just keep it to yourself to avoid problems.


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