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This is why Uhuru should have worn a blue suit during the State of the Nation Address

President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at Parliament for the State of the Nation Address on March 15, 2017

Opposition leaders, political pundits and economists were among the personalities who scrutinized the President’s speech highlighting how 'dishonest' the Head of State was in his address.

Popular Economist David Ndii went a step further to pen down an article titled: Who ate 1000km of road?  Questions Uhuru failed to answer in national address to pinpoint what he termed as the lies Kenyatta told Kenyans.

When Mr Kenyatta came out of his vehicle outside Parliament to deliver the speech, which some speculated could be his last address, a colleague at the office remarked that the President ought to have donned a blue suit.

Quickly I agreed replying: ‘yes just like his Deputy President William Ruto’.


Not knowing how the speech would turn out, I now think it would have gone better if he opted for a blue suit other than the charcoal grey suit and the purplish tie he wore.

According to Canadian-based psychologist Carole Kanchier, the grey colour symbolizes timeless, caution, success and solidity.

However, some shades are associated with age, depression, lack of direction while excessive use of grey leads to feelings of being invisible, but a touch adds feelings of stability.

Interestingly, Ms Kanchier notes that purple is associated with prosperity, spirituality and sophistication.

Since it was an assurance that President Kenyatta’s speech would be sharply criticized and analysed against facts, he should have chosen to wear a blue suit as the colour represents authority, structure, communication, dependability, trust and loyalty.


Psychologists Kanchier advices people to wear blue when they want to exude power, have mental control, be conservative, respected or communicate an important message.

Maybe just maybe if Kenyatta would have put on a blue suit, the colour psychology could have played well in the minds of many Kenyans and the speech consumed well.


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