'Naomba kunyesha sitafanya tena' the crazy prayer by a woman after unprotected sex

A woman on FaceBook has made a desperate plea to the Almighty praying for what should be quite a common happening.


After an episode of sweet unprotected sex, one Linet Kerubo seems to have missed her monthly periods and she is so desperate to them.

Given the pain that comes with the crumbs and discomfort experienced during menstruation, many ladies hardly look forward to their periods.

However, the consequences of missing one are just too much to bear unless one had planned for pregnancy.

This desperation and the realization that as the days keep going she could be having someone growing in her have seen Linet seek the intervention of the Most High.

She took to the women’s group to vent her frustrations. Her plea got crazy responses from her fellow women some whom took screenshots and shared it across social media.

Soon, even men got into the vibe and offered their crazy views. For the men, their sympathy was with the man involved while women wondered how she and her man could risk such without even the option of contraceptives.

She was however encouraged that whatever happens a child is a blessing.

The predicament of Linet Kerubo paints the larger picture of the young generation. Many are no longer afraid of contracting STIs but rather getting pregnant.

This sees many engage in crazy tactics from withdrawal to timing of safe days. The ones who can’t are at much ease working with pills despite the documented side effects of continued use.


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