Here are places you are likely to contract TB

TB is one of the world’s deadly infectious disease right after HIV/AIDS

These statistics indicate a rise from 266 per 100,000 people having contracted TB in 2015 to 558 per 100,000 people having contracted TB in 2016.

Many Kenyans are more likely to be predisposed to TB by simply being in overcrowded and poorly ventilated areas.

Such places include matatus and churches especially during the cold season.

With TB being an airborne disease, a healthy person can get infected by simply inhaling the same air as someone who is infected when the infected person sneezes or coughs.

By choosing to leave the windows of matatus and churches closed, Kenyans are unaware that the TB causing germs are left in the air for long thus making it easy for uninfected people to contract TB.

Infected individuals can be rendered non-infectious within 72 hours after being put on medication.

The number of cases of TB keeps rising due to the fact that diagnosis is often delayed and most infected persons do not complete the full dose of medicine thus leading to multi-drug resistant TB.


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