10 weird things women do to avoid getting pregnant

Please avoid doing this and just visit your doctor

During the conversation, there is that one friend in the group that starts talking about how they woke their man up in the middle of the night because they wanted ‘it’ at that time. A few weeks down the line and they found out they were pregnant.

You silently sink back into your seat because you did the exact same thing to your boyfriend a few weeks ago and you can’t recall the last time you had your period.

That instant fear that creeps into a woman the moment when they know they have been getting a bit too frisky with their boyfriend of late and have completely lost track of when they had their period is unlike any other.

There is a common notion, or it could be true, that women fear getting pregnant more than contracting HIV; which is very worrying but you tend to wonder what lengths women are willing to go in order to avoid getting pregnant.

Plive.co.ke compiled a list of some of the weird things that women do to avoid getting pregnant.

1.Having sex during their period

Well apparently some women believe that having sex during your period reduces the chances of a woman getting pregnant.

Sex during your period may be enjoyable for some women but there is no relation to the chances of you getting pregnant or not.

2.Taking a pain killer after sex

Pain killers to help relieve pain is understandable. Pain killers to avoid getting pregnant though; we don’t really buy that story.

3.Squatting and sneezing

So apparently squatting after having sex will help get sperm out of a woman’s vagina – guessing the sneezing part is to assist push out the sperm maybe.

4.Jumping up and down after sex

Well that would be a sight to see for your boyfriend. You get done with the deed and then get up quickly after he tells you that there might have been a bit of a mistake and you start jumping up and down to help you not get pregnant.


5.Having sex while standing

When you have sex while standing up and your man accidentally ‘finishes’ inside you, then you have nothing to worry about because his fluids will just drip down from inside you.

6.Applying honey to your vagina

Applying honey on your vagina will apparently change the pH of your vagina which will make it hard for the sperm to swim to the egg.

7.Douche using coke

Despite the numerous times women have been told never to douche, there are some people out there that believe when you douche with coca cola you will not get pregnant.

So after you have sex, you are supposed to douche using coke; the carbon in the soda will kill the sperms and you will not get pregnant.

8.Having sex when it is raining or in a swimming pool

First of all, the swimming pool or any form of public water is very dirty, water washes away your natural lubrication, you could get an infection or even worse and STI and probably the most the point of it all - you can definitely get pregnant when you have sex when it is raining or in a swimming pool.

9.Taking a hot bath

10.Drinking hot water

Basically there are very many myths out there that have been spreading of how a woman can prevent getting pregnant.

It is very important to note that sperms will always swim up on their own regardless of any tricks that you may try to ensure they do not.

The surest way to get yourself from getting pregnant is by abstaining but if you do not then using medically approved contraceptives will be the option for you.


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