Why young Nairobi men are opting to marry older women

What is it about older women that makes younger men gravitate towards them?

For instance, younger men are now opting to marry women that are way older than them.

Okay it’s not exactly a new discovery but it does spark up the question of why they are choosing older women as compared to their peers or someone that is younger than them.

Plive.co.ke investigated a bit further and this is what we found out.

1.Older women are financially stable.

Young men do not have to worry about how much money they have to remove for hair appointments and of how many shopping sprees they will have to sit through as may be the case with younger women and their peers.

Older women are way past that stage of asking for money from their men – not that it might not happen but rarely do they need to.

It also helps that they can spoil their men once in a while.

2.They can hold an intellectual conversation

Apparently, majority of the conversation that most young women have do not really interest the young men anymore.

They do not want to hear about what the Kardashian’s did this weekend but are more interested in how the woman in their life can help build them up.

The Kardashian conversation can be cute sometimes but there are current affair topics that can be discussed such as the upcoming general elections for example.

Younger men are attracted to the intellectual side of such men.

In short, older women are able to hold a conversation with more substance.

3.Older women are patient

An older woman’s patience comes from the fact that they have more experience with generally everything in life so they tend to have a different level of understanding when their younger boyfriends make mistakes.

They do not see the point of fussing so much about little things in their relationship because they have been there before and in some weird way are able to relate to some extent.

4.They are emotionally mature

Older women do not have the time or energy to start worrying about why their men greeted their ex-girlfriends when they are in the vicinity.

It was just a greeting after all.

They are emotionally mature and know that some fights are not worth even being fights in the first place.

5.They are well connected

Remember when we mentioned that younger men want women that are able to help build them up?

Well this may be one of the ways that an older woman can do that for a younger man.

They have been in the working world for some time now and are have probably made friends from different industries which can be helpful for a young man trying to have a successful career.

6.They are more experienced in bed

Speaking of experience, older women definitely have more experience in the sack.

They have learnt their bodies and are not afraid to tell you what they like in bed and what they do not like in bed which makes pleasuring them way easier than their peers.

While this reason is debatable, it definitely rules out the issues that young men face when it comes to pleasing a woman sexually.

Plus they can teach their men a thing or two.


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