But, of course, theres more to Victoria than that. And, if rumors are to be believed, Victoria has a dating history thatsnot exactly great. Bachelor promos suggest fans are going to see a lot more of Victoria over this season, so buckle up. Heres everything you need to know about her, but proceed with caution major Bachelor season 24 spoilers ahead.

Victorias from Virginia Beach.

The 25-year-old medical sales representative has shared plenty of pics on Instagram of herself out and about in her hometown.

She makes it to the hometown dates.

Apparently, Victoria caught Peters eye at one point during the show, because Reality Steve says she made it all the way to Hometowns. Victoria took the pilot to Virginia Beach during filming.

This isnt Victoria's first time dating someone famous.

Victoria has had some kind of relationship with country singer Chase Rice, and it apparently comes up during a date this season. According to Reality Steve , Victoria snagged a one-on-one with Peter where Chase performed, and she was reportedly pretty upset about coming face to face with her ex during it (fair).

Victoria has a history of dating married men, per Reality Steve.

Yeah... that's not great. Here's what went down: Back in October, Reality Steve said he received a ton of messages from people about how Victoria was bad news and had caused the breakup of a few marriages. "So I looked. And I found. And Im not talking about this happening once, or even twice. The info I was receiving was talking about her having done this three or four times," he wrote.

It gets even more intense: Reality Steve says that the wives of the husbands Victoria dated were women she was friends with, like she went to their weddings and everything. Cue the yikes.

She denied the rumors on Instagram, though.

Victoria took to her Instagram in late November to deny everything about her having affairs with married men. "The RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE," she wrote. "There will be a time & place where I can defend myself, but for now I choose to wait." She also pointed out that "bullying is not OK" and ended on this note: "Just rememberwe all have a story."

So... the odds are pretty high Victoria's going to be bringing some drama this season.