Although pills are a good method of birth control, sometimes they can fail you. We all have heard people who were on pills and still fell pregnant and you wonder what could have happened.

Well, that’s all possible. How? Read on and find out, will you?

1. You threw up

Throwing up(zumi)
Throwing up(zumi)

Sometimes you could be sick and happen to vomit after swallowing the pill. In this case, the pill will not have been absorbed into the body meaning it will not be effective. In such a case, you can easily fall pregnant if you are in your fertile window. It’s advisable to swallow another pill after vomiting.

2. Missing a day

forgot gif(Reddit)
forgot gif(Reddit)

Usually, you are supposed to swallow the pill each day without missing. And if you do, your hormones’ consistency will be affected and you can get pregnant. If you are not good enough in remembering to take your daily pills, opt for other birth control methods.

3. Taking the pill at different times

With the pill, you have to be very careful. You should take the pill around the same time every day. You can’t for instance take it at 9 am today and take it at 2 pm the following day and still expect it to be effective. If you can’t handle that, consider other methods.

4. Other medications

If you are on medications, they could also affect the effectiveness of the pills. If you are on medications, it’s good to talk to your doctor about it or simply use other methods until you finish your medications.

5. Not starting another pack immediately


As soon as you finish your current pack, you should start another one the day after. If you fail to, you should use other alternatives or abstain from sex until you have taken the pill for seven consecutive days.

6. You just started using it

It’s not a magic pill that works immediately. If you start using it after your periods, you may be safe. But if you are on the fertile window, you can still fall pregnant. You should use it for at least seven consecutive days so that it can be effective.