The tough question DP Ruto has asked Raila's team

I want answers before we can move forward!

Mr Ruto, who was once in Raila Odinga led ODM Party has sharply criticised the Opposition for its resolve to use unconstitutional means to push for political change after Mr Odinga quit the race for State House.

Taking his perceived frustration on Twitter on Friday after a series of press conferences by Nasa lawmakers and governors at the coast, Mr Ruto condemned the blatant attempt by Mr Odinga’s team to frustrate the constitution.

"Those who campaigned against the old constitution have started campaigning against the new one again. So, is the law the problem or are they?" DP William Ruto tweeted on Friday.

The tweet is understood to have made reference to the recent formation of the National Resistance Movement group whose aim is to pile pressure on the government until a "legitimate" presidency is restored. Mr Odinga, who made the address on Tuesday, demanded that the fresh elections be held in 90 day.

Back in 2010 prior to the promulgation of the current constitution, Mr Ruto drove hundreds of Kenyans to reject the new constitution while Mr Odinga trounced Mr Ruto after he got a resounding 67 per cent support for the new document.

Mr Ruto has turned against Mr Odinga, who has seemingly resorted to strategy to violate certain tenets of the supreme law that he so vehemently vouched for seven years ago, especially after the August 8. The bungled elections were preceded by ‘endless demands’ some which are not provided for in the constitution.

"If you cannot respect the constitution that exists then don't waste your time making a new one. It will suffer the same fate," DP Ruto tweeted earlier.

Meanwhile, Nasa MPs have told their supporters to boycott products from Mr Uhuru Kenyatta owned Brookside Dairies, Safaricom Limited and Bidco for allegedly colluding with the ruling Jubilee to defraud Kenyans of their democracy.

On Wednesday in a press conference at Okoa Kenya Secretariat offices, Nasa Chief Executive Mr Norman Magaya told journalists that the newly formed People’s Assembly, which form another wing of the resistance movement will comprise of governors, deputy governors, members of the senate, national and county assemblies, religious leaders, trade unions and civil society leaders and representatives of youth and women organisations.

"The convention shall make decisions and recommendations to achieve democracy, constitutionalism and restore legality, and form any bodies or organise other platforms for purposes of attaining its declared objectives," Mr Magaya said.

Earlier, Mr Ruto accused Mr Odinga of camouflaging into the Joseph Konny-like resistance type, who caused massive havoc in Uganda, killing over 100 people, in a bid to oust President Yoweri Museveni.


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