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3 things that prove you’ve been shaving the wrong way

Woman narrates uncomfortable experience with her husband

3 reasons Why Gillette Blue 3 is the best for shaving

I leaned in for a kiss, took a deep breath in anticipation and I began to imagine how great this one moment would be. 

A long work day punctuated with risqué texts has a way of building up one simple moment and creating the high expectation that it will be absolutely perfect.

So there I was half awake, half exhausted but 100% all systems go, ready to share a very intimate moment with my husband.


But just as our lips interlocked, his rugged cheeks and chin poked into mine and it felt a bit like my cheeks were brushing up against sandpaper.

My husband is a hairy man (exactly what I’m into) and he faces a challenge that many people do when they shave. Some of these challenges can be avoided by using the right blades for shaving and my husband swears by Gillette Blue 3.

Razor burn

Probably the biggest sign that you shaved the wrong way. Developing bumps that sometimes turn into a rash and become very itchy is an indication of razor burn.


This can easily be avoided by first dubbing a warm cloth against the skin before shaving then following it up with shaving cream or lather from soap adequately applied on the surface you would like to shave.

Ensure that you also have a good blade, my husband switched to Gillette Blue 3 and he says the lubricating strip helps a great deal and remains gentle on his skin. 

Shaving along the grain in which your hair grows also reduces the chances of razor burn and ensures no hairs are left sticking out.

Changing blade too often


If you’re forced to change your blade after just one shave then you’re probably not shaving the right way.

A good blade can last up to five shaves but the best blade does up to ten. Gillette Blue 3 is that blade, actually, there are three blades that ensure the job is done in one clean stroke. 

Also, ensure that with each stroke you clear the hairs on the blades to maintain their effectiveness. With Gillette you don’t have to tap the sink 100 times, just place it under some room temperature water and they slide right out.

Shaving takes too long


If you have to shave for longer than ten minutes then you are probably doing it wrong.

 Shaving takes longer if you’re using a poor quality blade, a blunt blade or even a blade that is not equal to the task.

Gillette Blue 3 is also designed in a way that it does not slip out of your grip like other shavers do. Moreover, the design is quite cool, it looks like a high-tech tool from the future.

Shaving can also be a task when the shaver you’re using is not quite shaped up to maneuver around the face with ease. Gillette Blue 3 has a pivoting head that flows with the contours of your face to give a smooth finish.


Gillette Blue 3 is the complete package, it is very gentle on your skin due to the lubricating strip, it is effective because of the three blades that give you up to 10 shaves and it is designed to make your work easier in getting complete coverage.

Needless to say, now I can completely focus on making my daytime day dreams come true.


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