68% of Kenyans want total lockdown - survey on Coronavirus

Total lockdown may mean no matatus and no private cars on roads

68 per cent of Kenyans want a total Coronavirus lockdown - Infotrak survey reveals

A new survey released by Infotrak has revealed that a majority of Kenyans, at 68%, would like the government to impose a total lockdown to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

According to the survey, only 32% of those who participated in the poll opposed the possibility of a total lockdown.

The survey also revealed that though a majority would like a total lockdown, most Kenyans are not prepared for life in lockdown.

When a total lockdown was imposed in Wuhan-China, public transport and private vehicles were all banned from the roads. Residential blocks were only allowed to permit tenants and those taking care of the elderly.

In Italy, only supermarkets and pharmacies were allowed to operate during lockdown.

In France, people were only allowed to leave their homes to purchase essentials and only those whose jobs could not be done from home were allowed to leave their houses. A lockdown in Kenya could possibly take the same turn.

Kenyans have limited understanding of Covid-19

The Infotrak survey also exposed a limited understanding of the virus among Kenyans.

"Knowledge gaps still exist on Covid-19. Majority of Kenyans; 52% still think that the threat of Covid-19 is exaggerated. While Kenyans seem to have high awareness on COVID 19 and how it can be contracted there are several issues that still need education and clarification from government," the report read in part.

20% of Kenyans who were polled expressed the view that black people and Africans cannot contract the disease while 26% thought that the infection does not affect young people and children.

35% of Kenyans believe that taking their families upcountry will prevent them from contracting the disease while 48% believe Covid-19 is just like the Flu or a common cold.


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