Lydia Mumbi, an 83-year old cucu from Tetu, Nyeri County, is staring at a prison sentence after she pleaded guilty to being in possession of 600 grams of bhang with a street value of about Sh1500.

The elderly woman was arrested after she was suspected of helping her son traffic the illegal substance which was later sold to the youth near her village.

Mumbi worked as a banana vendor, proving her with the perfect cover to move the bhang without being noticed.

Upon her arrest, police found the drug hidden in the banana produce she was ferrying to the market.

Nelly Kariuki

She did not deny the charge of bhang possession when she appeared before magistrate Nelly Kariuki.

Kariuki ruled that Mumbi be held in state custody until Monday where the court will make a decision on the matter.

Bhang is classified as a banned narcotic substance in Kenya and attracts a sentence of up to ten years.

However, courts are given discretion on the sentence they issue to convicts, considering factors such as the health and the age of the accused.