Autopsy results reveal what killed Caroline Mwatha

Gruesome manner in which Carol Mwatha died

Caroline Mwatha, a senior official at Dandora Community Social Justice Center

Autopsy results on activist Caroline Mwatha's body revealed that she died of excessive bleeding from a ruptured uterus after a botched abortion.

The family had sought the services of independent pathologist Peter Ndegwa who found that Ms Mwatha had a male foetus of five to six months still inside her womb.

Mr Ndegwa also found that the foetus had been mutilated with one hand missing and the skull was badly damaged.


Apart from needle marks which showed some medical intervention, she did not have any other physical injury on the body or any signs of a struggle.

It was also indicated that Ms Mwatha had internal and external bleeding from the botched abortion.

An injury on Ms Mwatha's neck was caused by an embalming procedure at the City Mortuary, according to the pathologist.

Dr Ndegwa, however, stated that it was now up to investigators to establish the circumstances under which she died.


He further added that the detectives probing the matter had the responsibility to establish if the abortion was carried out with or without Ms Mwatha's intention.

Human rights activists who were present at the presser said that they were satisfied with the competency and independence of the autopsy.

However, they maintained that the results would not take away from Caroline's work and her contribution as an activist.


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