Autopsy reveals lawyer shot his son after a confrontation

The father was not in the car when he shot his son

Lawyers Assa Nyakundi (L) and Cliff Ombeta (R) during a past appearance in court (Twitter)

An autopsy report by the government chemist has revealed that city lawyer Assa Nyakundi could have shot his son, Joseph Nyakundi after a confrontation.

The autopsy also cast doubts on the advocate’s explanation that he had accidentally shot his son while holstering his gun.

The autopsy report suggested that the shooting occurred outside the car while the bullet projection pointed at a confrontation before the firearm was discharged.

The shot projection from the chest exiting at the back suggested that whoever shot him was standing outside the rear right back door of motor vehicle KCE 753B Toyota Axio which belongs to the father of deceased.

The angle of shooting according to the projection could be ninety degrees, suggesting there was a confrontation,” the report read in part.

It also showed that the cause of death was chest injuries and hemorrhage caused by a low velocity firearm.

Johansen Oduor

The autopsy was done by Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor in the presence of detectives working on the case, government chemists, and ballistic experts.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta was also present as he is representing Nyakundi whom detectives believe to be the prime suspect.

The report is another setback in Nyakundi’s alibi after detectives established that there were two spent cartridges in the vehicle while he had told police that he only fired a single bullet.

Detectives are still working to figure out how the criminal lawyer would have accidentally fired two shots given that the fire arm had multiple safety features required after each shot.


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