Awkward moment as Tanga tanga MP lectures Uhuru against using police to intimidate rivals

The MP spoke at Charles Rubia's burial where Uhuru was present

Awkward moment as Kandara MP Alice Wahome lectures President Uhuru Kenyatta against using police to intimidate rivals

There was a slight awkward moment at the burial of Second Liberation hero Charles Rubia after area MP Alice Wahome brought to fore the silent infighting in the Jubilee government pitting President Uhuru Kenyatta's confidants against allies of Deputy President William Ruto.

Wahome was the first politician allowed to speak at Rubia's funeral and largely adhered to the family's wishes to keep off politics at the ceremony.

The Kandara MP used Rubia's persecution by the single party dictatorial state, to warn President Kenyatta against using the state machinery against his political rivals.

"It is important that the fear of the dark days of the 90s does not creep in this era. There are people who are starting to say they are getting threats and calls. That should not be your legacy and I's sure Rubia would want to protect the democracy he fought for during the Second Liberation," Wahome said as the President listened pensively.

The Kandara MP is a vocal member of the Tanga Tanga squad that is supportive of Deputy President William Ruto's Presidential campaign.

She has in the past criticized President Kenyatta directly and other presidential appointees of intimidating Ruto's allies.

"It is unfortunate that the President can use such language. We are elected leaders and we have an equal platform, it is true we are elected on the Jubilee ticket."

That does not give him the right to ridicule elected leaders because we represent the people. He was intimidating people who have a different opinion from where he says he wants to take the people, I see him as undermining democracy because there is nothing left now, we are scared. Even my colleagues are worried for me,” Wahome said after President Kenyatta's famous speech during the Akorino conference in June.


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