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Cohen’s closest friend speaks on his business empire, assets and the billions Sarah Wairimu is allegedly eyeing [Photos]

If she murdered for Cohen’s property like this, she is not going to get it- Muiruri

Sarah Wairimu Kamotho (Left) and Tob Cohen (Right)

One of murdered Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen’s closest friends has opened up on his troubled marriage to Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, his business empire worth billions that he alleges his estranged wife Wairimu is keen on taking over.

In tell it-all press briefing, former Gatundu MP Patrick Muiruri who was one of the deceased’s best friend made it clear that Wairimu will not get any property owned by Cohen and listed some of the assets owned by the billionaire.

“Sarah is condemned, the law will take its own course. If she murdered for Cohen’s property like this (the Kitusuru home) she is not going to get it.” Muiruri said.

He was referring to the palatial Kitusuru home where the couple lived and where Cohen spent days in sorrow as his marriage hit rock bottom.


“If it is the business she runs with Cohen which only meant to promote golf and am a golfer myself-the business is dead because no golfer will do business with Sarah having killed her husband in that kind of a business.” He added.

Cohen’s estranged wife is also reported to be building a hotel one a one-acre piece of land at an area bordering the Aberdares forest near her rural home in Njigari village in Othaya, Nyeri County.

Neighbours confirmed that the couple would visit the property frequently but all that stopped sometime early this year and the two began visiting the property separately. Muthoni would visit in the company of strangers.


They revealed that during his last visit, the jovial Dutchman cautioned them not to discuss his visits with anyone and took photos of the stalled construction in what could point to the fact that the hotel may have been in dispute.

Tob had a thriving business empire and company- Tobs Limited with interests in tours and travel as well as the hotel industry.

The company is believed to be worth billions and owned by Cohen and estranged wife.

Wairimu was named to the board of Tobs Limited on April 20, 1999 after the death of a board member.

Reports indicate that as at 2009, Wairimu was the only other shareholder at the company with one share while Cohen held 999 shares.


The embattled widow who has maintained that she is innocent will be presented in court in to be charged with murder on Monday.

Muiruri linked her to the murder, stating that as soon as he received news on Cohen’s disappearance, he “was reminded of what he told me that in case of anything, my disappearance or my body being found anywhere, Sarah is responsible”.

“On the night he was murdered I talked to him for 15 minutes. He was very concerned about his life.” He added.

Below is the video of Muiruri making the remarks.



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