Bitter Kenyans hijack Uhuru’s birthday to vent their anger and frustrations

Kwa ground vitu ziko different!

File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta celebrating his 55th birthday.October 26 2019 marked his 58th birthady

Kenyans took to the social media, hijacking DP Ruto’s birthday message to President Uhuru Kenyatta and taking a moment or two to vent their frustrations.

Drastic changes were witnessed as President Uhuru Kenyatta marked his 58th birthday with many using the occasion to remind the President on the countless promises he made to the public in 2017 as his team pleaded with voters to give him a befitting birthday gift by voting him in for the second term in office.

From their comments, it was clear that a lot had changed on the ground with many of the promises unmet as @Simatwet wrote: “A Happy birthday to him, but things are not okay in the ground.”

The feeling of disappointment and resentment could be felt from the countless comments in response to DP Ruto’s birthday wishes to President Kenyatta.

Many confessed with a lot of regrets that they woke up early in the morning, braved the chilly weather in long queues to give the president his 2017 birthday gift.

@betsyannnjeri summed up the feelings of many in a post that read: “Why are you reminding me voting season two, why why why why. You people promised us land of honey and milk bur you dropped us in the land of corruption and unemployment. Farmers are crying,businesses are closings and youths are unemployed.”

Indeed the unemployment situation in Kenya is worrying with thousands losing jobs.

Several firms, including Stanbic, Telkom Kenya, East Africa Portland Cement, Diaggeo, Finlays, National Bank of Kenya, Mediamax, Betin, Sportpesa among others have restructured their operations, leaving many jobless.

Corruption continues to be a scar in the face of Kenya with billions looted, leaving citizens lack basic services such as healthcare, water, education and infrastructure.

@JuliaKamuiru sought to remind him of the reality facing many Kenyans who go without meals in a post that read: “You fellows are lucky enough to enjoy birthday bash, sisi wakenya tumelala njaa and we aren't even sure of what to eat today. Happy birthday to your boss”.

True to her comments, hunger is a constant reality in many parts of Kenya, the most notable crisis being the hunger in Turkana that saw musician Akothee and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko step in to save the situation a few months back.

@kinyuaWaMuthoni made it clear that he has no time for political manipulations from his past experience wtiting: "Leo sijiskii kuwaona mahali mnatubebanga ujinga Sana nkt!!!"


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