Senator's bodyguard arrested over lost gun

Costly mistake

A criminal in handcuffs

Bomet Senator Christopher Langat’s bodyguard was arrested after he lost his firearm.

Reports indicated that the gun was reported missing by the officer identified as Peter Sigey, after he was asked to appear before his superiors.

Sigey was alleged to have lost his weapon during a robbery incident that occurred on a day ago at Pipeline in Embakasi, Nairobi.

“He did not mention of loss of firearm until he was summoned by his seniors at the camp when they got wind that the officer had lost a firearm,” read a part of the report.

Following the revelation by the bodyguard, he was detained at the Langata Police station as investigation into the matter continued.

Sigey had earlier stated that he only lost money during the robbery after making a statement at the Embakasi police station.

The lost gun was pointed out to be a Ceska firearm with 12 bullets.

A Cabinet secretary bodyguard arrested

In a similar case in January this year, a security detail attached to a Cabinet secretary, was arrested after he lost his gun while in Nairobi’s Uhuru Camp area.

The junior officer informed his senior’s that the weapons went missing at a bar in Highrise after his duties.

He was later apprehended after he failed to secure the weapon and was set to be arraigned in court.


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