Boniface Mwangi goes after Ambassador flouting Kenyan laws, lights up Twitter

I refuse to normalize impunity-Boniface Mwangi

File image of activist Boniface Mwangi

Activist Boniface Mwangi caused a storm on Twitter after targeting the Japanes Ambassador to Kenya, Ryoichi Horie, accusing the embassy of flouting Kenyan rules at will and endangering the lives of Kenyans.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, March 06, Mwangi challenged Japanese nationals to confirm if their ministers and diplomats drive on the wrong side of the road and if they would allow Kenyan ambassador to do the same in Japan.

Accompanying his tweet was a picture of a vehicle belonging to the Japanes embassy being driven on the wrong lane in Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD).

"I was out riding my bike along Kenyatta Avenue and met with lawbreakers," began Mwangi.

“People of Japan: Do ministers and diplomats in your country drive on the wrong side?Would you allow the Kenyan ambassador in Japan to drive on the wrong side?Your ambassador to Kenya is doing exactly that. Is this part of your culture or they do it in places like Kenya? @Ma3Route” Added Mwangi.

While the identity of the occupants of the vehicle in question remains unclear, the vehicle belongs to the Japanese embassy in Kenya.

Netizens were quick to join in with some alleging that the Japanese embassy had simply copied what Kenyan dignitaries do, flouting traffic rules.

“@bonifacemwangi Mr Mwangi, We respect the laws of each and every country we go to. At the same time, we adapt to the habits and traditions of the local population as here in Kenya.” Fired Kyoko Miyazaki.

“Respect is earned; no one respects us coz we r mannerless.U told us that our corrupt leaders queue quietly in other countries. Why? Coz they respect those countries.”Added William Chege.

@Ayodo change opined, with some humour that like the beggar who has no choice, Kenyans have to bear with such behaviour as the same people flouting laws are supporting Kenya through grants.

“Hao watu wantujengea Ngong Rd through grant. Usiongee mbaya wanaweza withdraw funding. Kwa Sasa hatuna shida wakidrive on the wrong side. Hata wakiingia na magari kwa lift tutawavumilia tu,” wrote Ayodo.


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