Funny Things Kenyans Will Do in Canaan If Raila Becomes President

Kenyans go wild with the Canaan hashtag.

Odinga promised Kenyans that he was the modern day Joshua of Kenya, who would lead the country to the land flowing with milk and honey.

On Thursday, Kenyans on Twitter were excited about the journey to the Promised Land, Canaan, and in their wild imagination tried to paint how life under the leadership of the Former Prime Minister would be.

Under the hashtag #Canaan Kenyans came up with hilarious tweets of what lthey will do and some of the things they will not have to endure anymore.

From enjoying super fast Internet connection to living in free houses, Kenyans had a lot to say abot Canaan.

A section also proposed some of the people who should be left behind in 'Egypt'.

Here are some of tweets:


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