What Nairobians expect from Sonko and what he promised - VIDEO

Sonko made several promises to Nairobi residents during his campaigns

While Sonko’s legacy is set to be pegged on cleaning up the city, through ‘Operation Ng’arisha Jiji’ and dealing head-on with tax evaders, otherwise cartels, many residents have a different view.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke at the Uhuru park event, he vowed to work with Governor Sonko in creating jobs for Nairobi residents, a move many Nairobians seemingly buy into.

Job creation

While thousands of youth in Nairobi languish in poverty, many of those who spoke to P Live Kenya hold that Sonko’s new job should be a blessing in disguise, a hope for them to give their output to the city county. Job creation comes top on their list of demands as Sonko’s legacy start ticking.

“Let him bring us jobs and clean up the city. Let him in fact have us as city council askaris so that we can work instead of just sitting on streets,” a street boy said.

A handful holds that they need a centralised point to collect scrap metals, arguing that the move will help create jobs for them.

In the recent past, the county government of Nairobi has had a rough time with a few collection points, which held that it was illegal to assemble scrap metal. Sonko’s part of the campaign message was centered on job creation for the youth in the largest county by population.

Clean city

Nairobi residents still; feel that there is need to speed up the city cleaning exercise. Earlier, Mr Sonko had embarked on a rigorous exercise to clean up the city, adding that the project was purely funded from his pocket.

Kidero’s five year legacy was marred by heaps of cabbage and blocked sewer lines. Sonko, in his over two-month-long campaign, vowed to restore the ‘lost glory of the city in the sun.’

“Nairobi is very dirty nowadays. Now that he promised to clean the city, let’s have it cleaned so that us business people can enjoy a clean environment so that we know that our taxes have been put to good use,” a businessman said.

Mr Sonko, however, has an ‘’ strategy to clean up the city.

City askaris vs hawkers

For a long time the county law enforcement personnel and hawkers in the city have been on the running battles over the control of trading space. Hawkers hold that purported city police should be dressed in uniforms for identification.

They argue that the move will help to weed out some who have been masquerading as county officers to ‘terrorize’ traders.

“Tunataka kanjo akikuja awe amevaa uniform ndio tujue ni nani wa ukweli. Hiyo tu,” a resident said.

Loosely translated: “We want county asksaris to have uniform so that we can easily identify them. Just that.”

What Nairobians expect from Sonko and what he promised


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