6 Things Raila did During Presidential Debate that Kenyans will Never Forget

Interesting things Kenyans will always remember after Raila debated himself


This became a reality after President Uhuru Kenyatta snubbed the National Presidential Debate organised by Kenyan media houses.

While on the National platform, Mr. Odinga had uninterrupted moments to answer pertinent questions involving corruption, land, unemployment, cost of living among others.

He also had time to articulate his vision for the Nation if elected the 5th President of Kenya.

From the debate that was followed keenly by Kenyans across the country, the former Prime Minister did six interesting things that will forever be embedded in the memories of Kenyans

1. Calling Linus Kaikai, Joe

Mr Odinga confused the name of Nation Media Group (NMG) Managing Editor Linus Kaikai with that of KTN’s Joe Ageyo.

The NASA flag bearer called Linus Joe countless times until Mr. Kaikai decided to correct him (Odinga).

“I think we should have introduced our positions. I am Linus and my colleague on the left is Joe Ageyo. But we understand, with a little of makeup we might look alike,” Linus lightly remarked.

Jokes and memes were created to make fun of Odinga’s predicaments.

2. Tallying

Mr Odinga was put on the spot over the controversial tallying centre NASA has allegedly built in Tanzania to monitor the General Election.

The former PM’s answer left the audience in fits of laughter. He did not deny having a tallying centre but rather acknowledged that NASA has a tallying centre in Kenya and in the clouds.

He highlighted that this was not against the law.

“Our tallying is to compare our results with the results of those of the IEBC. So, why should somebody be worried about a tallying centre even if it is in Germany, US or the moon? Why should it be a security issue? Unless somebody intends to rig!”

“We have a tallying centre in Kenya, in Kenya. And in the cloud!” Odinga said.

3. I would have Magufuli-ed Waiguru

Mr Odinga is on record launching a scathing attack against former Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru when the multi-billion NYS scandal came to light.

When asked during the debate how he would have dealt with the situation, the ODM leader said he would have Magufuli-ed Waiguru.

This he said referring to the no-nonsense nature Tanzania President John Magufuli has dealt with corrupt officers in his country.

“If it were me, I would have taken action, Magufuli style. I would have Magufuli-ed her,” he said leaving the audience in stitches.

4.  I have only lost the elections once

Mr Odinga has been in the political scene for decades and he is seeking the Presidency for the fourth time now.

The NASA flag bearer emphasized that in the previous General Election he had only been defeated once.

5.  Defending Uhuru

In a  rare show of kindness, Odinga defended his nemesis - President Kenyatta - after Mr Kaikai asked if the Odinga and Kenyatta family was holding Kenya hostage in terms of power.

"You come from a family, one or two families that have for the last 50 years dominated Kenyan politics.

How would you respond to perceptions that these two families have held Kenyan politics hostage literally and with two characteristics? One family moving with a sense of entitlement in terms of leadership and another with a sense of victimhood, entitlement on the Kenyatta family and victimhood on the Oginga family," Kaikai posed.

Odinga immediately rubbished the claims stating: "He (Uhuru) is not here because his father brought him into this stage. He is a Kenya. It is unfair to refer to this as holding the country hostage".

6. Referring to Formula One as Formula Four

The ODM chief caused a buzz on social media when he said that as the President he will not waste time and resources to go and watch Formula Four in Dubai.

This he said attacking President Kenyatta who in 2014 was sharply condemned after going to Abu Dhabi to watch Formula One as a major terror attack hit the country.


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