After a long silence, Atwoli blasts UhuRuto with unexpected message

Last month, the government, in its budget proposals, slashed taxes for low income earners.

Atwoli has asked the government to pay attention to the workers plights, counter the rising standards of living and be promptly addressed during Labour Day celebrations on May 1.

Atwoli has threatened to lead over 700,000 public servants against President Uhuru Kenyatta if he failed to honor their woes. He added that the President should ensure he addresses the needs of the workers before he asks for their votes in August polls.

"We will show up for the Labour Day celebrations ready to receive what President Uhuru Kenyatta has for us, but he should know that we have problems. We will make our decisions depending on what we are offered," Atwoli said.

Atwoli was addressing shop stewards at the COTU headquarters, Solidarity House in Gikomba on Sunday.

He said both the government and the opposition do not have a clear blueprint on how to salvage the country's economy.

"We all know that the current crops of leaders are just aligning themselves to political vehicles for re-election and not for the well-being of the people, but one day this will change," he said.

He has called on Kenyans to ensure the elections are peaceful and that they vote for leaders who are ready to serve and address their needs.

"We have some leaders in the country who have good deeds and thoughts of Kenyans and I cannot tell anyone who to vote for, but I urge us all to vote for those who have interests of the workers at heart," Atwoli said.

Last month, during the presentation of the budget estimates to parliament by Treasury CS Henry Rotich, low income earners were awarded a reprieve after slashing their taxes.

Incomes of Sh13,486 p.m will attract taxes at 10 per cent, Sh13,487 attracts a 15 per cent up to Sh23,886 per month, up from the current Sh21,715


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