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After ndani ndaniiii kabisa remarks, Nick Salat reveals embarrassing things that happened to him


However, days later he had to retract his statement after KANU decided to support President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee Party.

Memes and jokes were created following his now popular statement which countless Kenyans now use to express commitment (or none of it).

In a television interview Mr Salat revealed some embarrassing situations he had to endure following his remarks.


Speaking to NTV news anchor Jane Ngoiri, the Secretary General divulged that several people expressed disappointment over his sudden shift.

“I have had people not shaking my hands, I have had people saying you have let us down,” Salat noted.

He added that he had even experienced embarrassing situation in a hotel after the utterance.

“I went to a restaurant in Westlands and just the moment we went in, the waiters and everybody was just saying ndani, ndanii and my son and everybody were just chanting,” Salat mentioned.

Salat holds that he never regrets expressing commitment to NASA adding that he only supports President Kenyatta because the majority in KANU won the vote.


He reiterated that though he did not agree with KANU's stand, he had to read the statement announcing support for President Kenyatta because of his position.

The politician mentioned that politics was not statics hence, change was inevitable.

Since the statement is now being used in ringtones, Salat disclosed that there were lawyers working to make sure he reaps from this.

“I have lawyers who are working on it, lawyers you know are very eager to come in and give ideas but am keen that it serves you where you are,” Salat disclosed.


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