Church members to be expelled for visiting Uhuru

A section of church members who visited president Uhuru Kenyatta are set to be excommunicated...

President Uhuru Kenyatta

The leadership of Nomiya church, led by archbishop Jared Gondi, stated that members visited the president without permission of other leaders.

“We will crack the whip as a way of ensuring that church members abide by and respect our principles,” Mr Gondi said.

He also noted that the church had not endorsed Kenyatta’s reelection as the members had earlier claimed.

The members visited the president and endorsed his reelection led by archbishop Caleb Olali.

“The members of Nomiya faith churches assured the president of their support,” part of a statement by PSCU read.

The church members hail from Nyanza region, an area perceived to be ODM leader Raila Odinga's stronghold.


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